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Welcome to YggdraGlam!

Let me begin by introducing/explaining myself.
My name is Elizabeth, and I was an adamant non-makeup-wearer for years. Sure, as a dancer I’d worn stage makeup countless times, but that was stage makeup, it was part of whatever role I was in, and as temporary as the costume. Outside of performances, I was militantly plain-faced, and actually looked down on most people who wore makeup on a daily basis. I viewed them as self-loathing and dishonest with themselves; I viewed makeup as a crutch for people who didn’t feel beautiful without it. During my various goth phases, I would very occasionally do some “shock-value” makeup: black lipstick, red eyeliner, etc., but I exempted myself from my prejudice because I didn’t “need” it, didn’t do it very often, and could happily be myself without it.

Having said all of that, you might be wondering, why the Hel am I writing a beauty blog?

Well, it all started in the spring of this year, 2015 (or 2265 for those who use Runic Era). I’d been feeling rather glum and melancholy in general, and needed something to brighten my spirits a bit. I’d heard some of my friends say that wearing makeup made them feel happy and more confident, so I thought, fuck it, it’s worth a try! I decided to do a little experiment, I’d wear an acceptable amount of makeup for a few weeks and see how I felt. If I felt happier, I’d keep it up. If it didn’t help, I’d quit. As you’ve probably guessed, it worked. Week 2 of my experiment was taking place during Midsummer in Occidental, and people noticed a positive change. I got lots of compliments, and was encouraged by my mentors and Allsherjargothi to keep it up. At that point I’d already decided to keep doing it, and the encouragement from people I respect reinforced that decision.

Prior to making this change, I’d always been inspired by a few of my makeup-wearing friends who I’d never looked down on, because the way they wore it was different. Rather than cosmetically apologizing for feeling ugly, what these individuals did was striking, artistic, and masterfully done. I could tell that they were using makeup because they wanted to add some glamour and pizazz, not because they felt obligated to conceal some flaw or compensate for a perceived facial shortcoming. I’d like to thank these friends for being an inspiration to me in this regard: Ashalynn, for her incredible eye makeup, I’d swear I never saw the same colour combo twice; Brandon, for his dazzling self-expression and general fabulousness once he fully embraced his true self; and Kirsten, for always looking stunning and not giving a fuck what others thought.

Nowadays, I understand that the decision to wear makeup (or not) and the reasoning thereof is entirely a personal choice, everybody has their own thing. I personally wear makeup because it makes me happy to compose myself as a living work of art. This sentiment goes beyond cosmetics, and extends into my love of tattoos and elegant clothing as well. If other people feel they need to wear makeup to be beautiful on the outside, that’s okay too, it’s their body. Part of the point of makeup is to help your exterior reflect the beauty you feel on the inside. As one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Allison Barbera said, “Makeup may literally be on the surface, but it’s not a superficial thing.” (Read more about her beauty philosophy here).

So that’s basically it. Pursue your own elegance in whatever way makes you happy. For those of you who’ve read YggdraBlog, you know that I write stuff because I feel like it, and I don’t really care if other people read it or not. When it comes to beauty, I am by no means a professional, I am a mere babe in the woods in the wonderful world of cosmetics. I am here to chronicle my journey through the realm of glam, recommend some things I’ve liked or found helpful, perhaps with the occasional tip from a real pro such as the lovely Kirsten Valkyrie, and if people like reading it, cool. If not, there’s plenty of other stuff to read: the internet is boundless! At the end of the day, I want more people to accept themselves and be happy with who they are as people, and if I can help do that in any small way, I’ll be very glad.

On the subject of self-acceptance, my next post will be about the woes and wonders of curly hair. Stay tuned!


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